Misc. Magazine is a publication offering amateur and ‘up & coming’ designers, artists, photographers, writers and journalists the opportunity to have their work published and distributed throughout the inner city, as well as online.

It is the brainchild of two 20-something friends from Sydney:

Keisha Galbraith, Design Nerd:
A freelance graphic designer, amateur photographer and self-confessed publication freak who wears a cruise ship dress like nobody’s business.

Jurrah Chilcott, Word Nerd:
An amateur painter & former freelance make-up artist come fashion agent whose heart belongs to kitch, pin-up girls and all things Mexican.

Misc. first began as a one off project to showcase the wonderful talents of a handful of friends, but it soon became much more than that. The amount of interest and support received after the first issue was published has been incredible. We are now publishing quarterly and can boast a readership that spreads all across the country, as well as internationally!

All the love… x


**We are sad to say Misc. Magazine is no longer being published. Should things ever change though, this would be the space to watch!