Architects of AWESOME.

If you still have a keen sense of childlike wonderment like I do then I’m fairly confident you’ll dig on this.

photo courtesy of petra glorie euro photo graphics

Architects Of Air are an artistic company who dedicate themselves to providing the general public with amazing interactive installation art pieces they call luminariums. They build these gigantic inflatable sculptures in a 4000sq ft former textile workshop in Nottingham, UK.

We’re lucky enough here right now to be able to experience the magic that these guys wield first hand. Their luminarium of epic proportions, Mirazozo, is currently calling Sydney home as it takes up residence on the Opera House Forecourt, where it will remain until the 27th of this month. With a vibe that looks something like a Star Trek set on an acid trip, this is definitely something worth checking out. For a humble tenner, you can walk around inside Mirazozo & experience what it would be like to be Captain Kirk, wandering around the Enterprise after hanging out with Hunter S. Thompson.

photo courtesy of ian allen

Anyway, the point is this thing looks killer & it’s so rare (in my opinion) that we get incredible installations of this calibre, so there is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t be running down there to get inside this thing as we speak. I sure as fudge will be.

J x

*Mirazozo, Sydney Opera House Forecourt: Jan 3-27 2011, $10 for 20mins exploring time.

photo courtesy of james morgan


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