Nostalgic notes.

There are few things that make me happier than being reminded of how great it was to be a kid. This is why I so thoroughly enjoy stopping for a quick round on the swings in Prince Alfred Park whenever I walk through there. Riding my ridiculous retro bike is another one. I’d sourced an old¬†lowrider frame¬†off eBay & had a friend build on it from the ground up. When I first picked it up from his bike shop, seeing it in all it’s glory for the first time, I could not stop smiling. I was beaming. Damn it was awesome! When we left the bike store & took it on it’s maiden voyage through the back streets of Newtown, I was on a total high. Just giggling like a moron the entire time. BEST. Simple things like these rarely make you that happy when you’re in your 20’s. Pure, unadulterated joy. Nothing beats it.

This post has sweet F.A. to do with bikes, but it does have a point. Whenever I see things that remind me of my childhood, I want to have them. ALL of them. I had a pretty epic Lego collection when I was little, so when I saw this I nearly peed a little:

a6 silcone diary in blue, designed by marks

a6 silcone diary in blue, designed by marks

It’s a freakin’ Lego diary! I know this probably doesn’t excite anyone else as much as it does me, but it combines some pretty killer elements in my eyes:

  • Silicone cover – which means I can spill crap all over it & won’t need to stress over ruining it.
  • Reusable – once you’re finished with the diary inside you can just throw a note book in there & keep on truckin’.
  • Looks like Lego – self explanatory awesomeness.
  • Note taking & jotting on the go – there is a reason that ‘Word Nerd’ is my Misc editors title. I totally love writing stuff down, no matter how trivial. Seriously.

You can even remove the little coloured pieces on the outside & use them to lock the diary shut by snapping them on from the front cover to the back. What’s not to love, people?!?

I stumbled upon this little gem on what is one of my favourite websites & stores of all time: top3 by design. Amazing. Everything they stock is deemed to be amongst the best in the world in it’s category, based on design. I totally recommend you check them out. If you don’t end up buying anything, you will at least be inspired by all the rad objects that people have created & reworked. And if you do end up buying some stuff, feel free to chuck one of these bad boys in the cart & send it my way…

J x

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