What a load of crap!

To all the creative peeps who aren’t already aware of who & what the Reverse Garbage centres are here in Sydney, I’m about to do you a huge favour…

Art, design & craft materials can be crazy expensive, which totally blows considering most of us are less than flush when it comes to the cizzash… but fear not! There are some awesome guys out there collecting & sorting what most people consider to be junk, but what budding artists & designers consider pure gold.

It’s all about RE-USE. Leather, cardboard, metal, canvases, sequins, old mannequins, paints, foamcore, big steel drums, plastics, wire, inner tubes, silk, glass bottles – the list of things you find at Reverse Garbage is endless. And the best bit is, they’re practically giving it away! Expect to pay around $1 for a litre of house paint, or $7.50 for a metre of woollen fabric. A lot of their stuff is priced by volume too ($20 for a huge hessian bag full), which makes it super easy to get a hold of materials you wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

Even if you don’t have a specific project in mind, I highly recommend you take the time to visit one of the centres anyway. Every time I’ve gone into RG2010 (their newest location at Taylor Square) I’ve been inspired within minutes of stepping through the doors. It’s the perfect way to get yourself out of a creative lull & back into making some radness.

You can find the Reverse Garbage centres at Marrickville & Taylor Square (Darlinghurst), & if you’re a Facebook fiend you should definitely look them up & become a fan of their page. They update it daily – if not more – with pictures & prices of stuff that has just come in.


J x

All photos courtesy of www.reversegarbage.org.au
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